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Shaolin Youth Kungfu Class


Shaolin Kung Fu is a part of Shaolin Chan (Zen) culture, and is a Shaolin Monks’ preferred method to practice Zen. Its purpose is to help one’s mind to concentrate through the movement of the body, and to further balance the body and the mind.

In Shaolin Kungfu Chan, the optimal goals are to cultivate the mind through meditation and achieve harmony in breathing.  Shaolin Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Changing Scripture) contains well developed exercise that improves one’s well being through simple movement and stances. 

It aims at strengthening the muscles and tendons in order to promote strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and coordination of the body. 


Shaolin Kung Fu through its training in various forms is a great way for one to enhance the self-defense; through learning weapons and Shaolin’s routine forms, it also improves one’s physical coordination and increase self-confidence.

Shaolin Kung Fu Chan (Zen) achieves peace in mind through Chan (Zen) and physical fitness through Wu (martial art). If those are the qualities you are searching for in life, Shaolin Kungfu Chan is your best choice.





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