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Shaolin Adult Kungfu Class


In the journey of learning, finding a suitable mentor has always been a difficult endeavor. Master Yan Yue, the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy, possesses great enthusiasm towards Shaolin Kungfu. 

He believes that the unique qigong practice and traditional Kung Fu from Shaolin Temple will change people’s lives. Through Shaolin Kungfu Chan (Zen), everyone can find the balance between physical wellness and peace of mind in life. 

Since he had taught and trained his students in a curriculum that is catered to each individual’s need even in a group setting, unique lesson plan is geared toward obtaining the best result.  Therefore, Choosing Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy also means choosing a master whose life-long goal is to promote Shaolin Kungfu Chan (Zen). 

Together with Master Yan Yue, you will not only regain your health and your peace of mind but also explore the true beauty of Zen and martial art developed through 1500 years of Shaolin Temple history.



通過 少林功夫禪,每個人都可以在生活中,找到屬於自己身心雙方面的平衡。他多年的教學經驗,對班上的每一個學生因材施教,以最適合的方式與步調,來達到最好的學習效果。


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