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Ranking Test


Shaolin Kungfu Ranking Test       


              Shaolin Kung Fu emphasizes on the orderly sequence of learning and the united practice of Buddhism (Chan) and martial arts (Wu).  The training curriculum is also based on the same principle.  The practice of the three-level sequence is reflected in the Buddhist practice of basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.  

Each level consists of three sub-levels.  Shaolin warriors must attain their level of practice before advancing to the next one.  Fundamental moves and skills progress from basic to advanced levels while cultivating the mind with “Chan”.  The focus of the curriculum is on the fundamental skills in the early stage, but practical combat sparring and internal training in the later stage. 

The Shaolin Warrior Certificate Examination is a way for Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners to self exam and to recognize their own achievements. The goal of the examination for the students is not to obtain the warrior belts but to demonstrate themselves as the result of their hard work in front of Shaolin masters.  The main goal is to strive for self-improvement and perfection.

少林功夫讲究循序渐进和禅武同修,次第课程的划分也是如此。少林功夫次第依据佛教“三士道”由浅入深的修行次第而划分。 “三士”讲的是三个层次,(下士,中士,上士,每一个层次又分为一品,二品,三品,共九品),少林武士在学习过程修完一个层次方可修习下一个层次。基本功由浅入深,套路由易入难,以禅修心。同时练与打结合,前期重在基础训练,后期强调实战和内功的修炼。




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