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  • 少林功夫禪適合我嗎?
  • Is Shaolin Kung Fu Zen for me?
    Shaolin kung fu is a part of Shaolin Zen culture and is Shaolin Monks’ preferred method to practice Zen. Its purpose is to help one’s mind to concentrate on the movement of the body. In Shaolin Kung Fu Zen, the optimal goals are to cultivate the mind through meditation and to achieve harmony in breathing. Simple movements and stances are aimed at strengthening the muscles and tendons in order to promote strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and coordination of the body; sparring exercises enhance self-defense skills; weapons and Shaolin’s routine formstrainings improve one’s physical coordination and increase self-confidence. Shaolin Kung Fu Zen achieves inner peace through Zen and physical fitness through martial art. If those are the qualities you are searching for in life, Shaolin Kung Fu Zen is your best choice.
  • 為甚麼要選少林功夫禪學院?
    在任何學習的道路上,良師一直是可遇而不可求的。少林功夫禪學院的延悅師傅,對少林功夫有著無比的熱情。他深信少林寺獨特的養生功法與傳統功夫,會改變這些有著生活壓力且身心疲憊的現代人。通過少林功夫禪,每個人都可以在生活中,找到屬於自己身心雙方面的平衡。他多年的教學經驗,對班上的每一個學生因材施教,以最適合的方式與步調,來達到最好的學習效果。所以, 選擇少林功夫禪學院,意味著您將跟著一位對功夫禪教學與推廣為目標的良師,找回健康的身體,更陪您一起探討少林寺功夫禪的深妙之美。
  • Why choose Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy?
    In the journey of learning, finding a suitable mentor is always a difficult endeavor. Master Yan Yue, the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy, possesses great enthusiasm towards Shaolin Kungfu. He believes the unique qigong practice and traditional kung fu from Shaolin Temple can relieve modern day’s stressful and hectic lives. Through Shaolin Kung Fu Zen, everyone can find a balance between physical and mental harmonies in life. Since 2007, he had taught and trained his students in curriculums that are catered toward each individual’s needs. Each lesson plan is designed to provide a suitable learning environment and appropriate pace that encourage success. Therefore, choosing Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy means: 1) Training with a master whose life-long goal is to promote Shaolin Kung Fu Zen 2) Regaining a healthy life 3) Exploring the true beauty of Zen and martial art developed through 1500 years of Shaolin Temple history.
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