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› 少林少年功夫班
  Youth Shaolin Kung Fu Class

› 少林成人功夫班
   Adult Shaolin Kung Fu Class
 › 少林成人易筋經養生班
   Adult Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Health Exercise
    and Guided Chan Meditation

 › 少林兵器班 (新)
NEW! Shaolin Weapon Class

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Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy (SKCA) is founded in U.S.A by Master Shi Yan Yue under the delegation of Venerable Master Shi Yong Xin, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple in China. Shaolin Temple is the birth place of Chan Buddhism and also the cradle of Chinese Kung Fu which has its root more than 1500 years.  The foundations of Shaolin culture are Chan, Wu (Kung Fu), and Yi (medicine).  Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy strives to promote holistic health of being by offering training based on Shaolin's unique Yi Jin Jing health exercise and its traditional Kung Fu practice.

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